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An Unconventional Look At How To Get A Girl To Like You

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The science of attraction works in very distinct ways for men and women.

Unlike men, women are not very inclined towards physical attributes. Instead, they are more psychologically inclined, and therein lies a secret that men who are less lucky with women can use to their advantage.

Let’s take an unconventional look at how to get a girl to like you…

1. Make A Great First Impression

Did you know, people usually judge who you are within 30 seconds of seeing you. These judgments are made subconsciously and according to one study, they are pretty accurate and long lasting.

Women are put off by men who don’t take care of their physical appearance. It’s not necessarily about being “ridiculously good looking” like Derek Zoolander, but instead has more to do with showing that you value your body.

Concentrate on keeping in shape by hitting the gym regularly. Groom properly by washing and pressing your clothes, getting a regular shave, haircut, etc. Learn more about “impression” and how to use it to get girls inside the Girlfriend Activation System.

2. Surround Yourself With Attractive People

If a girl sees you hanging out with attractive people, especially girls all the time, it clicks in her mind that you are an attractive, desirable, and interesting individual. This does not mean you should get rid of your ugly friends. Instead, make a point of bringing more attractive people into your social circle.

Hanging out with a mixture of all types of people makes you look more sociable and humble. Not only that, but girls want a man who is desired by other women. Think about it. Do you want a girlfriend that no other man on the planet finds desirable? Of course not. And she doesn’t want to be with a man who other women run from either.

It’s not just a case of conquest; it also assures her that you can get along with her cool friends and her with yours.

3. Project Confidence And Availability In Everything You Do

Many sociologists consider confidence and availability the most attractive traits in a potential mate. From your posture to the way you walk and talk, your body language says a lot about you.

If you want to get girls to like you, keep your posture open which means arms at your side, shoulders back, and head forward. Crossing your arms or stooping suggest nervousness and being closed off. When speaking, use an audible, well projected voice that shows you are relaxed and confident.

4. Give Her All Of Your Attention When You’re Together

When you’re hanging out with her, make her feel special by treating her like she is the only person in the room. Keep your phone turned off, and ignore all the beautiful waitresses.

Listen attentively to what she says and steer the subject matter of your conversation to her interests. Women find this to be an attractive trait in men because it shows you have a genuine interest in her.

5. Show A Sense Of Humor

Humor is one of the best ways to get a girl to like you, and a good sense of humor is a real closer for men. If you can make a woman laugh, a world of opportunity opens up to you.

If you don’t consider yourself funny and don’t have a big arsenal of witty jokes, then go for a little self-deprecation and teasing. Don’t be afraid to make fun of your clumsy or goofy moments. When done right, this is not only funny, but it shows you are comfortable in your own skin. Just don’t mistake it for self-loathing.

Teasing her lightheartedly about things like her taste in music or her favorite football team can present a challenge that makes you more attractive and makes her feel more relaxed around you. It also makes the conversation fun and flirty.

6. Be Just A Little Bit Dangerous

You don’t have to be a rock climbing or rope walking expert to live “dangerously”. It’s more about constantly creating new experiences with her.

Think spicy Indian food, a horror movie, and some sort of physical activity. For example, if you do happen to be a rock climbing expert, take her out on one of your expeditions. This is a classic technique which makes a woman associate you with safety because you’re right there reassuring her when she feels scared. She’ll like you even more because she’ll view you as a protector.