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Felicity Keith Language Of Desire Review – Do These Dirty Words Really Make Him Yours?

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Holy moley!  It seems like I can’t go anywhere online the last few days without hearing something about Felicity Keith’s new dirty talk guide called the Language of Desire (or just LOD for short).

All the relationship blogs, forums, and Facebook pages I frequent on a regular basis are going nuts about it!  There are Language of Desire reviews springing up everywhere.

So why all the excitement?

Language of Desire has over 33 techniques you can use to amplify your man's desire for you!

Is it because there are a ton of horny ladies out there who want to blow their man’s mind in the bedroom?  Maybe. 😉

But I think it’s more the fact that relationship expert and the creator of Digital Romance Inc., Michael Fiore, has been teasing us with the Language of Desire since clear back in February.  Maybe even before that.

Mike never told us much.  Just enough to get our thighs rubbing together and our panties a little moist.

So it’s not like the Language of Desire was just released out of the blue upon an unsuspecting world.  The buzz has been building for months now, and it’s probably the most highly anticipated relationship product launch this year.

You’ve probably heard of Michael Fiore before.  You may have even seen him on the Rachael Ray show or read one of his other best-selling guides like the Secret Survey, Capture His Heart, or Text The Romance Back.

Mike isn’t the author of Language of Desire.  Felicity Keith is.  But I mention Mike because Language of Desire was released through his company, Digital Romance, Inc. and he played a significant role in bringing the product to fruition.

So if Michael Fiore didn’t write LOD, then who is this Felicity Keith girl?

Felicity Keith is your everyday average woman.  A mother.  A little overweight.  She isn’t a nymphomaniac nor a self-proclaimed “sexpert.”  She doesn’t have the body of a porn star or supermodel.

But don’t tell her husband that because to him, she’s the hottest damn woman on the planet!  Why?  Because through years of study and experimentation, she’s mastered the sexual psychology of men and knows how to make her man (and any man for that matter) sexually obsessed and totally focused on her without even touching him.

How does she do it?  Through words.  Something she calls the Language of Desire.

The Premise Behind Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire Program

First, what this product is NOT.

The Language of Desire is not just about dirty talk.  It’s not just about sex.  It goes, much, much, deeper than that.

The Language of Desire is an online course that delves deep into the intricacies of male sexual psychology- how a man thinks, analyzes, gets turned on, and reacts to things that he encounters during an intimate relationship with a woman.  By using this knowledge, you can form a deeper connection with your man and take your relationship (and sex life!) to a whole new level.

What You’ll Learn Inside The Member’s Area

Language of Desire is a digital program that is accessed via a private member’s area.  The content can be viewed directly online or downloaded as both PDF (ebook) files and/or audio MP3 files.

This online structure allows for maximum flexibility; you can easily digest the material on a module by module basis and any updates to the program by Felicity and her team are instantly available.  No need to download a new version of the program every time new material is added.

Unlike other relationship programs for women with their generic tips and mediocre advice, the Language of Desire contains more than 33 different ACTIONABLE techniques (many of which I had never even heard of before) that are designed to grab your man’s attention, turn him on, and overwhelm him with feelings of love and desire for you and only you.

languageofdesire-ebookaudioWhat kind of techniques am I talking about?

Things like Pavlov’s Erection Technique which basically allows you to “train” your man to get horny for you “on command”.

Don’t like that one or think it sounds a little manipulative, then how about trying Verbal Viagra.  With this technique, you can get a man squirming in his pants for you anytime you’re together, but you can’t act on your desires.  For example, on an airplane, at a ball game, at a party where your time is spent amongst a lot of friends.

It’s definitely one of my favorite techniques, but use it wisely.  Don’t embarrass your guy too much because he’ll have to try and hide his erection from everyone in the room before he gets a chance to pounce on you!

Are you totally new to dirty talk and think you’re too shy or not even sure you can do it?  No problem.  Felicity’s Boiled Frog technique is perfect when you want to ramp things up slowly.

And then there’s the Madonna Moan, Tease Intensifiers, the Lust Mirror Technique and a whole lot more Felicity talks about in this video.

Not every technique is earth-shattering new, but there’s such a variety, you’re sure to find at least a handful that will keep you “busy” long into the night and for many nights to come.

Felicity Keith has a very creative naughty side, so take full advantage and have some fun with your boyfriend, husband, or that hot guy you know isn’t good for you, but who does wonders for a girl’s libido!

Bonuses And Freebies

It’s bonus time!  Aside from the main Language of Desire program, you’ll also get a few freebies.

You’ll get the Silent Seduction course which teaches you non-verbal ways to turn your man on, the Unstoppable Confidence Training Program, and The Good Girls’ Guide to Texting where Felicity gives you over 200 done-for-you texts you can start sending to your guy right away.

Talking dirty through text messages has never been easier.  Never be at a loss for words ever again.

Should You Buy The Language Of Desire?

I don’t know your exact situation, your goals, or what you hope to achieve with the program, so I can’t give you a definitive yes or no answer on that.

What I can say is, the Language of Desire offers really good value for the money, and since it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, there’s little risk in trying it out.

If dirty talk is something you want to get really good at or if you want to understand sexual psychology and learn how to connect with your man both emotionally and physically through sex, then the Language of Desire can help you.

Just remember, this program is not for prudes.  If sexual topics make you uncomfortable or if you’re not at least open to exploring dirty talk, sexuality, and how to create a deeper connection with your man through intimacy, then you should probably pass on it.

Now if you want to have some real fun and make your man a “monogamy addict” focused solely on seducing you and only you, then…

Click here for the naughty method even the “nicest” girl can use to make a man sexually addicted to you without even touching him…

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