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Girlfriend Activation System Review – Is GFAS V2 The Most Effective Girlfriend System Yet?

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The Girlfriend Activation System, an online video training course that helps men attract amazing girlfriends has expanded in 2014 with the release of GFAS V2: the second generation of Christian H.’s highly acclaimed Girlfriend System.

After being hailed by many as the most effective online course in 2013 for teaching men how to get a girlfriend, the 2014 expansion of GFAS has once again shattered expectations.

In this Girlfriend Activation System review, I discuss why GFAS deserves strong consideration if you struggle to get the girl you really want and often find yourself settling for less than the best or no one at all.

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Girlfriend Activation System Review: Background, Basics, And Main Points


Every man deserves to have a girlfriend who’s both banging hot AND sweet as sugar!

Guys often get a bad rap for being commitment phobic and only wanting to “score” with hot chicks, but that perception is greatly misleading.  The truth is, most guys would gladly welcome a committed relationship.

However, here’s the caveat: that committed relationship has to be with the RIGHT woman.

Finding, attracting, and keeping the interest of the right woman, the girl a guy actually wants instead of the girl he just settles for, is where many men fall short. And that’s where the Girlfriend System comes into play.

Many men don’t approach or ask out the girl they really want because any number of fears hold them back: the fear of rejection being the biggest.

This overwhelming fear of rejection that paralyzes men like a deer in headlights has strong ties to a lack of self-confidence, the feeling that women who are “10’s” are out of your league, and simply lacking the knowledge and skill-sets it takes to approach women, carry on a conversation, flirt, create sexual tension and desire, and ultimately move forward and escalate the relationship when the time is right.

Every guy knows if you don’t escalate the relationship with a woman at the right time, you can quickly turn her off or simply end up in the dreaded “friend zone”.

Worse yet, every girl is different.  You have to be able to read her signs and figure out what type of woman she is so you know if you need to escalate things quickly or take things extremely slow.

Make the wrong move with the wrong woman at the wrong time and you can kiss any chance of a relationship goodbye.

The Girlfriend Activation System rectifies these problems through step-by-step instruction and actionable techniques so you can become what Christian calls “the obvious choice”.  In other words, you’re such a total stud that a woman can’t imagine being with anyone else.

As Christian points out in the Girlfriend Activation System, a woman wants to feel your masculine power and be overwhelmed by it.  But masculine power shouldn’t be confused with aggression or overbearance.  It’s not about controlling a woman.

Instead, it is a “distinct energy that comes from a dominant man with a good heart, positive intentions, whose life is an adventure, and who strives for success.”  This is the type of man women want: the type of man that activates her obsession story so strongly she wants nothing more than to commit to him fully both sexually and emotionally.


Success for GFAS men extends beyond just women!

The Girlfriend Activation System helps guys become the type of men who naturally and magnetically attract women.  These men are often referred to as “Top Shelf” or “10’s” because their success isn’t just confined to women.  It also carries over into their career, their finances, their relationships with others, and every other aspect of their lives.

By now you’ve probably figured out that GFAS isn’t your typical PUA program. In fact, I wouldn’t call it a PUA program at all.

There’s always been a void in the relationship market for men because the tricks and techniques taught in typical PUA courses are often based more on manipulation than actual attraction and connection.  They are typically about “scoring” rather than creating long-term relationships.

These PUA programs work to attract women initially and often work well to pull unsuspecting women into the bedroom for a night of sex, but they aren’t very good options for guys who want to be with that one special girl they can’t stop thinking about.

The Girlfriend Activation System fills that void by creating real connection with a woman both sexually and emotionally while also giving you the skill-set and techniques needed to successfully attract and keep the interest of a woman through every interval of the relationship.

Things like:

  • How to approach
  • How to flirt
  • How to talk to women
  • How to create attraction and sexual tension
  • How to get her number
  • How to ask her out on a date
  • How to text
  • What to do when you go out with her
  • How to be a tease and a challenge
  • How to keep her interested and wanting more
  • How to escalate to kissing and sex
  • How to take things from dating to an actual relationship
  • How to keep her committed long-term

While the techniques taught inside the Girlfriend Activation System can be used to attract women for casual sexual flings, one night stands, and friends with benefits situations (Christian even reveals how to know if a woman will sleep with you on the first date in his GFAS video), it’s not really about that.

The Girlfriend System is about helping you become the very best version of yourself, and then giving you some serious “skillz” and actionable techniques so you can approach any woman you want with absolute confidence and make it clear to her that you are the obvious choice.

Is The Girlfriend Activation System Legit?  Does It Really Work?

Is it real? Yeah, man. It is.

Fuel her desire for you!

Fuel her desire for you!

The Girlfriend Activation System V2 is a 23-part video training course based on an actual 2-day seminar Christian put on in New York. Content delivery is completely online through a private member’s area.  Just log-in, watch the videos, take notes (or download the notes made available in PDF (ebook) format), and then go out and actually USE what you learn.

Obviously the program won’t work for you if:

  1. You buy GFAS and then never do anything with it.
  2. You actually DO watch the videos and study Christian’s notes, but then go back to sitting on the couch, playing video games, and hoping the UPS driver is a total hottie who rings the doorbell and wants to come in and play with your package.

What I’m saying here is, you’ll get out of it, what you put into it.  In other words, don’t be a lazy ass!

One of the best things about the Girlfriend Activation System is that it’s step-by-step WITH context so if something goes wrong, you know the theory behind it and can react accordingly.

And you also get access to a totally kick-ass private forum where you can get a ton of help from a lot of top-shelf men, so take advantage of that.

Not many Girlfriend Activation System reviews even mention the forum, but you’ll want to spend a lot of time in there after watching the videos and going through the course.

It’s the best way to get ideas, learn new techniques, and get help if things don’t go as planned and you end up in bed with Peppermint Patty instead of Jessica Rabbit.

Girlfriend Activation System Complaints, Comments, And Bad Reviews

Ok, there’s not a whole lot I can comment on here because this course is really good, especially if your goal is to attract a high-quality, long-term girlfriend.

But if I have to lodge a couple of Girlfriend Activation System complaints, they would be the following:

There are 1 or 2 techniques that could use a little more explanation.  Some of the techniques were first developed for other courses, so if you don’t have that background information, things may not be quite as clear as they could be.

This is such a minor thing, I hate to even mention it, but some guys might like the heads up.

The second GFAS complaint is that you can’t opt-out of trial access to the Ten Code when you first order the program.

I personally didn’t have a problem with this because the order form clearly explains everything, but it’s worth noting because I’ve heard other guys complain or give bad reviews because of it.

Basically when you order the Girlfriend System, it comes with a free trial to the Ten Code which is ongoing monthly training.  The free trial is included automatically whether you want it or not so some guys have a problem with it.

If you don’t cancel before the trial is up, you’ll be charged monthly for the additional training.

Cancelling is a piece of cake via a quick phone call or by simply replying to your welcome email, so I found it to be no big deal, even though some guys seem to get their underwear bent out of shape over it.

Christian could probably solve some of the issues by simply making it optional on the order form, but it is what it is.

I personally found customer service to be excellent so like I said, having the free trial automatically included was no big deal.  But I suppose some people just aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about.

Final Thoughts

The Girlfriend Activation System deserves strong consideration if you want to be a top-shelf man who attracts amazing women without the sleaze-ball factor.

It’s all about helping you get a high-quality girlfriend, ramping up her desire for you, and getting her addicted to you both sexually and emotionally for the long-term.

I have yet to come across a better “girlfriend getting system”, and until I do, GFAS will continue to be my top recommendation.

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