How To Get Through A Breakup – Do’s And Don’ts

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No matter who initiates it, breaking up is extremely tough. The period shortly after is often filled with hurt, confusion and a feeling of emptiness. Trying to pull yourself out of a pit of despair without proper support and guidance can lead to major physical and emotional problems.

That is exactly why seeking advice from someone who has been there before should be your first priority. The last thing you want to do is wake up on the couch in the middle of the night laying in a pool of Haagen-Dazs ice cream because you ate yourself to sleep (been there, done that).

Believe it or not, I have been through my fair share of break ups and I have become a better man because of it. Check out my list of do’s and don’ts I found work best when trying to get through a breakup.

Things You Should Do:

Accept the breakup

Trying to remain friends with your ex immediately following a breakup is always a bad idea!

Trying to remain friends with your ex immediately following a breakup is almost always a bad idea!

This is the first step in the healing process. One of the most common mistakes people make after a breakup is failing to accept it. It is natural to still care for your ex and even desire to have them back, but if you want to get through the pain, you must accept it.

Accept the fact that you are not together anymore and it could possible always be this way. Having this mindset will make it a lot easier to move on when the time is right.

Avoid being friends with your ex for a little while

Trying to remain friends with your ex immediately after a breakup is a huge mistake. This only leads to confusion and more heartache for both parties involved.

You should not try to be friends with your ex until you can bare to see them with someone else. That way you know you are completely over them.

Find a healthy distraction

By distraction, this does not mean find a new partner (no rebound relationships). Instead, join a gym, spend time with friends or find a new hobby. Find something enjoyable that will help pass the time as you cope with the breakup. The whole point is to avoid sitting in the house being depressed.

Now, let’s discuss a few things you should not do after a breakup.

Things You Should Not Do:

Go into a social media frenzy

It is ok to be sad after a breakup, but expressing your unhappiness to everyone in your social media network is highly unnecessary. Your friends do not want to read your gloomy messages in their news feeds.

Don’t go overboard by immediately changing your relationship status to single or removing every picture you have ever posted of your ex right way. Take some time to think things through.

What if you end up getting back together? How embarrassing would it be to have to re-upload everything?

Become a junk food junkie

A little chocolate makes everyone feel better sometimes, but overindulging in unhealthy snacks will only hurt your physical appearance. It is not a cure for a broken heart and will only lead to more stress once you start packing on the additional pounds.

Drunk call your ex

You decide to go out with your friends and have a few drinks in an attempt to just forget about your ex. The next thing you know they are the only thing you can think about.

So what do you do?

You whip out your phone and attempt to call them at 3am. They don’t pick up so you leave an embarrassing voicemail begging them to take you back.

Rarely do you ever wake up the next day appreciating yourself for this decision. Save yourself the headache and delete your ex’s number from your phone before you go out drinking after a breakup.

There’s no denying that there is nothing easy about breakups, but if you take the proper steps to heal yourself, it can make it a lot easier to move on. Hopefully my advice works for you just as well as it worked for me.